Why choose us ?

Our team of experienced personnel
Our extensive experience and active staff work in fields as the international and domestic transport, Customs procedures over three regions North – Central – South. Mtl is an important link, having sustainable partnerships with logistics agents worldwide. We use state of the art equipment, apply high information technology into management system to supply customers with optimal transport services to meet expectation as well as add value of goods for customers.

Quality system to international standards
With the growth rate of more than 20% per year, Mtl Logistics is transforming to be a leading logistics service provider in respect to its quality system under international standards. After years of operating, Mtl has delivered service quality satisfying hundreds of customers

Professional service, fast
Safe, fast, effective and competitive transport service. We apply, maintain and develop information technology in management in order to ensure the fastest, safest and most professional services for customers.

Local knowledge
Global operation and local understanding. Mtl has long-standing relationships with air, sea, rail, local road transport companies as well as most of local and foreign transport entities.

Multimodal transportation
Various, professional means of transport bring your goods safely to places at your request. Logistics service chains provided by Mtl from negotiating contracts, preparing customs procedures and insurance certificate, inspecting goods, packing goods, warehousing, hiring means of transport, making door to door shipping, tracking and managing orders, etc. are all performed in ways that save effort, time and cost of customers, considering customer’s profit as our motivation for business.

Commitment to put client interests top
Mtl provides customer’s supports in completing all customs procedures quickly: declaring and paying tax, updating customs status and goods transport database in an accurate manner, helping your goods always in a safe condition, fast and efficient transport at all times.