Storage service

We use warehouses and bonded warehouses to store and secure your goods. Our bonded warehouses are temperature controlled and have all types of facilities used for packing, stock and storage control as well as palletizing. Once an agreement is signed and the cargo delivered, the goods will be under our responsibility.

For Bonded warehouse: Mtl provides its customers with the best support in customs declaration procedures. All our storage services staff members have customs practice certificates and have the ability to resolve any problems pertaining to customs procedures and legal procedures. Moreover, with their assistance customers are able to save time and cut off unwarranted costs, by handling any emerging issues in a timely manner.

For warehouse service: Apart from owning state of the art storage system, we also work hand in hand with well established storage companies and owners, in different locations to ensure that we are able to store and transport goods and merchandise to all provinces and cities nationwide. We have installed state of the art security systems in all our warehouse, thereby ensuring that your goods are monitored by our security team round the clock. Moreover, we supply all our warehouses with electricity, water, and natural light to ensure that your goods and merchandise have the best storage conditions.

In addition to providing our customers with large warehouses, we also provide small warehouses for the small and medium scale enterprises with the aim of meeting different market demands. Our supply storage units are located in various provinces and cities nationwide, especially in major cities such as HCMC, Hanoi, Can Tho, Danang, Dong Nai, Vung Tau etc.

In addition to warehouses for rent, Mtl also provides other services such as input and output management, inventory, handling, packaging, distribution, stock reports, check & count, commodity management, transport, etc.


Sea Freight

Mtl Logistics continuously supplies services to customers through transport by sea to many countries in the world. We have a wide network of agents, and transport commitments with globally prestigious shipping lines. Therefore, Mtl is confident in supplying customers with the following typical services:
Supplying shipping service packages for exported/imported goods from

Air Freight

Mtl supplies goods transport service by air from airports such as Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Danang, Phu Bai, etc., to most of the airports in the world and vice versa based on contracts signed with reliable partners in airfield, from big airlines to local and international airports.
Mtl’s service as well personnel are able to solve goods issues in the

Local road transport services

Mtl supplies local road transport services for all kinds of goods by trucks, container trucks, crane trucks, etc., Mtl has partners owning a big number of trucks, container trucks and crane trucks to meet various requirements from customers, and truck with heavy load to transport 200-300 tons per day.
Features of the local road transport services provided by Mtl are as follows:

Customs procedure services

Customs procedure services provided by Mtl Logistics are quite perfect and contribute a part to promote strong development of our partners. We provide customs services below:
Customs declaration for imported/exported goods including FCL cargos, LCL cargos with variety of items.

Multimodal Transport

Based on our strengths in available means of transport, collaboration with prestigious partners to provide local and international forwarding service, and worldwide network of agents as well as contracts signed with shipping lines, airlines, airports, seaports, rail service and road transport providers, Mtl Logistics is ready to supply customers with multimodal transport services.

Ship chartering and brokerage services

Ship and commodity brokerage services provided by Mtl to exporters/importers, shipowners are not only in the country but also in other countries of the region as well as across the world. We supply/provide brokerage to/sign contracts with tramps, time ships, and fixed voyage ships.
Our brokers have many years of experience in the marine field,